I came to Bellingham in 1994 to attend WWU, where I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science (Pre-Physical Therapy) and enjoyed skiing for USSA. I have studied and developed various unique bodywork techniques over the years. I have coached thousands of youth, directed the operations of several weight rooms and youth sports departments, worked for physical therapists and injury treatment clinics implementing rehabilitation programs and massage techniques. I enjoy running my own business, where I am able to offer a variety of massage and training techniques. In my spare time I like to ski, hike, and enjoy the outdoors. Having over 5 years of higher education, credentials, years of experience, a continual study of various practices/arts, and experienced several severe back injuries, I am able to offer a higher level of health care with a more holistic view. I emphasize your own body's unique ability to rehabilitate itself and the process/work you must do in order to achieve your desired health goals. Through massage, personal training, education, and experience, I will help you achieve your desired health goals.

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